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6 simple ways to score free stuff

You can't beat free
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Everyone loves nabbing free stuff.

And getting it is easier than you think. Yes, it's mostly small stuff -- not an Xbox or an iPod. But freebies can really add up. Using free samples, coupons and rewards points, and even hosting house parties can help you net serious savings on daily staples.

For example, Sarah Barrand, founder of, says she saves $500 per month on groceries and other sundries, using coupons.

But Brent Shelton, a spokesman for, says other items, such as gadgets, can carry an invisible price tag. For example, some consumer surveys promise iPads, iPods and other gadgets in exchange for your personal information. You also might have to refer friends, take a survey or apply for a 30-day trial.

"Most people don't get the iPad 99 percent of the time," says Ryan Eubanks, president of the Hey, It's Free! website. "The good stuff is so hard to get."

Even so, there's plenty of other free stuff to scoop up. These tips will put you on the fast track with the fewest hassles.




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