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6 jobs in decline and how to replace them

Construction workers
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Salary range: $35,000 to $95,000

What happened: The unemployment rate for the construction industry hit 20.7 percent in December 2010, according to an analysis by The Associated General Contractors of America. As a segment dependent on the housing market, construction will most likely not recover until demand for housing improves.

A good replacement job: People in the construction industry have such a narrow skill set that retraining is important, says Justin Schakelman, vice president of Careerminds, an outplacement services provider based in Hockessin, Del.

"It's a perfect opportunity for these workers to look at what their outside interests are," he says.

Those interests may lead to certification in a different field, an associate's degree or a four-year college program. Some states offer tuition reimbursement or other forms of retraining assistance for those who qualify.




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