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Ditch your unlimited cell phone plan
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Paying $100 a month for unlimited calls, text messages and Internet data may not seem like such a bad deal when you shop for similar plans with other major cell phone carriers. But are you actually using the entire plan?

According to Danny Kofke, author of the book "How To Survive (and Perhaps Thrive) On A Teacher's Salary," most people don't use anywhere near what they're paying for on their cell phone plans.

"The key is to find the plan that fits your usage," Kofke says. "Chances are, you can look at your current plan and see that you're paying for minutes or services you're not using."

While each family is different, Kofke says he and his wife decided to cancel a $50-per-month cell phone plan because they hardly used it. They now have a prepaid cell phone. On the downside, the prepaid phone costs more on a per-minute basis. But by paying as they go, Kofke says they've dropped their monthly cell phone bill to $20 per month. Making the change saves them $30 per month ($360 per year), and they haven't changed their calling habits.




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