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5 ways to save money on your dog

Start a pet savings account
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Dog coin bank

A potential alternative to pet health insurance for your dog is a pet savings account where you deposit money every month. "Sock some money away so major decisions don't have to be based on money. They can be based on what's best for the pet," Pinney says.

With insurance, you won't get your premium back. With a savings account, you'll have money to spend on some other need if you don't use it on your dog.

A pet savings account is a much cheaper approach that should cover most of your problems while you save money at the same time, Pinney says. However, he says health insurance is a good financial choice if you live where veterinary services are expensive.

Hickton says a savings account is a great idea, but owners should have insurance in addition to savings because you may not have enough in a savings account to cover every expense.




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