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5 ways to save money on your dog

Keeping your dog healthy
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Veterinarian and assistant giving shot to a dog

Keeping your dog current on its vaccines and medications is key. But there are still ways to save money.

Stores often sell heartworm and flea-and-tick medication in combo packs. But your dog only needs the heartworm medication every month, not the flea-and-tick medication. Often, flea medications last longer than a month, and you can save money by buying them separately, Pinney says.

When health problems arise, you may need to meet with a vet, says Mandy Fults, vice president of the Texas Association of Registered Veterinary Technicians.

If the vet suggests a series of costly tests that you can't afford, ask what can be done to minimize the cost but still give the dog the treatment it needs. Also ask about any available payment plans to make a costly treatment less onerous on your budget, she says.




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