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5 ways to save money on summer vacation

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Email inbox

While many consumers already receive hundreds of emails each day, signing up for more messages can lead to a less-expensive summer vacation.

Goldstein says that Marriott Rewards members receive a monthly email and a quarterly hard-copy newsletter that include exclusive offers for program members.

Outside of hotel discounts, your email address can serve as the destination for savings on daily activities, meals and other entertainment options on your vacation. Hunter says many local AAA clubs have an email newsletter that highlights ways to save money, with regular updates for members.

Kelsey O'Neill, spokeswoman for online discount site Groupon, says the site's partners offer discounts of 50 percent to 90 percent that can help travelers save money on activities they already may be planning such as a visit to a museum, a walking tour of a city or a meal at a local restaurant.

"If you have a vacation coming up, you can sign up to receive deals in your inbox for the cities that you're looking to visit," O'Neill says.

Some summer saving opportunities already may be available, so don't automatically press delete.




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