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5 ways to save money on summer vacation

Get down with the discount
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From hotels to airlines to gas stations, travelers can find additional saving opportunities for summer vacation through a wide range of customer loyalty programs.

Marriott spokeswoman Laurie Goldstein says travelers can enroll in the hotel chain's reward program for free. For each dollar spent at a Marriott hotel or resort, program members can earn up to 10 hotel points or two air miles that can later be redeemed for free hotel stays or flights on more than 30 airlines. Many other hotel chains offer free loyalty programs, too.

Travelers also can join annual fee-based programs to enjoy additional discounts.

AAA offers exclusive savings to its members at more than 160,000 locations worldwide, including hotel discounts ranging from 5 percent to 20 percent. Membership costs vary, depending on the type of membership and accompanying benefits.

"AAA members are eligible for hotel and travel discounts, and in order to attract visitors, hotels may offer a free breakfast or an additional discount for booking an additional night," Hunter says.




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