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5 green jobs for saving the planet

Wind power salesperson
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Wind power

With the IRS providing tax credits for up to 30 percent of the cost of renewable energy systems such as wind turbines, it's no surprise that many people are finding green jobs in selling them.

Loree Long, co-owner of wind-turbine sales company Win-Gen Power in Weatherford, Texas, says she and husband Ted sell an average of one system per month, mostly to customers who are interested in environmental issues and fiscal responsibility, Long says.

"Most people want to go green. But if you are going green and saving money at the same time, it's a really good incentive," Long says.

The Longs launched their business by contacting Southwest Windpower, a wind turbine manufacturer in Flagstaff, Ariz., and attending the company's dealer training seminar. After installing a turbine on their own property to ensure it was a quality product, they began selling in Dallas-Fort Worth, Long says.

Long says that entrepreneurs who are interested in becoming wind-power salespeople should find a wind system that they like and contact the manufacturer about becoming a seller. Much of the business is about increasing awareness of wind turbines.

"It sells itself after they know about the product," Long says.




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