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10 frugal tips for the ho-ho-holidays

Let your fingers do the shopping
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I subscribe online to sites that give me points for clicking into their ads. This year I have earned three $50 gift certificates to the Gap and one $25 to a restaurant for a total of $175!! Also, I start selling (online) any unwanted items that I have around the house (I would never re-gift anything) from January to November. This year I recovered almost $2,000 to spend on the grandchildren! When it comes to the food ... I clip every possible coupon online and in the newspaper -- the savings are endless!

Every year one of our local markets has a deal two weeks before Thanksgiving ... spend $100 (which isn't hard to do!) and get up to a 20-pound turkey free. Hey, when you have four children and 10 grandchildren, you'll look for any bargain!

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Salem, N.H.




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