2009 Spring Car Guide
A silver car driving down the road with a bright sunset in the background
Tesla Roadster

New hybrid-electric cars: Tesla Roadster
Running on pure electricity doesn't necessarily mean low speeds and short ranges. Pack enough batteries into a vehicle and you can travel up to 220 miles with a top speed of 125 mph in the Tesla Roadster.

With DNA traceable to the Lotus Elise, the Roadster puts some sizzle into plug-in EVs, using its 366-volt, lithium-ion battery array to hum to 60 mph from a standing stop in a company-measured 3.9 seconds. Charging requires less than four hours using a household 240-volt outlet. Cruise control, air conditioning and heated seats are all standard in addition to a long list of available, extra-cost options.

The ultimate look-at-me automobile, only 50 Roadsters have been sold to date.

MSRP: Starting at $101,500.



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