College Financing and Career Guide 2007
Just posting online may not land a job

Companies' Web sites also offer useful material. For example, visitors to the Web site of financial services giant UBS can watch videos of current employees, assess their own skills to determine what position might suit them best and find interviewing tips -- all this along with job openings and internship possibilities.

Beyond the big job boards

Look to outside job boards, which fall into three or four basic categories. You're probably familiar with large, generalist boards, Monster, CareerBuilder and Yahoo Hotjobs. For access to an even wider swathe of job openings, aggregators such as Indeed and Jobster may be the ticket. Their software collects job listings from Web sites. Smaller so-called niche job boards can be easier to use because they target just one industry, region or type of professional. You won't have to search hard for the information or job ads on these sites.

Have the Net search for you

There are other Internet services that may help. If you're ready to apply for a job but find none that are appealing, you can sign up for a job agent on some Web sites. You outline what you're seeking and receive automatic e-mail alerts when a job meets your criteria. A newer technology called Really Simple Syndication, or RSS, finds jobs online that match your interests.

Subsequent steps in the hiring process itself will occur largely online. You'll schedule interviews and receive -- we hope -- regular updates from your potential employer. Don't be afraid to take the initiative here. A short thank-you note after an interview can leave a positive impression. Demonstrating interest can also reflect favorably on you. Job seeking is not for the bashful.

Los Angeles-based James Peter Rubin has written about employment and management issues for many publications, including The Wall Street Journal and The Economist.


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