10 cheapest cars to drive

With economic fears seeming to compound daily, the burden of a new car may be the last thing you want. But buying a car doesn't have to put too much of a damper on your finances if you consider the price you'll pay in the long run for repairs, maintenance, fuel and financing.

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While hybrid vehicles may save you money on gas, consumers looking for a good deal should also consider inexpensive compact nonhybrid cars, says Joe Spina, industry analyst for, which tracks the total cost of car ownership over a five-year period.

Information is key to making a wise choice, says Spina. Here's a look at the 10 cars that will make the smallest dent on your wallet.

10 least expensive cars to own

1.Honda Fit6.Scion xB
2.Chevrolet Aveo7.Pontiac Vibe
3.Hyundai Accent8.Toyota Corolla
4.Toyota Yaris9.Kia Rio
5.Nissan Versa10.Suzuki SX4


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