Reader reflections: Retirement visions

 Sacrificing a little now for later payoff
I'm 30 years old and save 3 percent in a pre-tax 401(k) plan with a company match of 100 percent up to 3 percent of my salary. I will be fully vested after five years. My husband is 32 years old and saves 10 percent of his salary in a pre-tax pension plan administered by the government agency he works for.

Together, we have about $40,000 in retirement to date. If we keep up this rate of savings, I think we will be OK for retirement. Also, we are planning to pay down our 30-year mortgage in 20 years, which puts our mortgage fully paid down by the time we are approximately 52 years old.


 Planning for multiple income streams
I am 49 years old. I receive a pension from the Air Force of about $24,000 per year. I make $59,000 from my employer.

I am debt-free. I am purchasing 20 individual stocks via Sharebuilder and I have three mutual funds along with my 401(k), into which I put 10 percent per year; I am investing about $4,800 per month. I plan on retiring in 12 years.

Note: I will purchase at least three duplexes per year for investment income. I anticipate making more in retirement than while I am working.

Calvin Daniels

 Cutting costs is the answer
It is really so simple! Spend less than you make. Shop at garage sales and thrift shops -- you can get many items new or almost new for a fraction of the original cost.

Never pay interest on anything except a home but pay extra each month on the principal. Do not buy anything unless it is on sale at least 50 percent off, but 75 percent off is better.

Concentrate on just your needs. Then, there will be enough for the wants later.

It took me until I was 35 years old to learn this and I had some downs before I learned.

Adrienne Marshall
Montrose, Colo.


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