7 easy ways to overcome debt denial

Look for unnecessary expenses
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Look for unnecessary expenses

Divide your expenses into wants and needs, says Gallegos.

Although wants and needs vary from one individual to another, Gallegos suggests these costs as possible cutbacks -- daily coffee drinks, cable TV and phone service.

On these items, Gallegos says your savings would be:

  • Coffee: $60/month, $720/year.
  • Cable TV: $40/month, $480/year.
  • Phone: $50/month, $600/year.
  • Internet: $45/month, $540/year.

"Often overlooked places where you can save are car insurance -- shop around for a better rate -- utilities that offer a discount if you have automatic payments set up, interest rates on savings accounts, eating at home instead of in restaurants and using coupons at the grocery store," says Gallegos.




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