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January 2012 Financial Security Index » Job Security


How do you feel about your job security compared to 12 months ago?

One out of 4 Americans earning more than $50,000 feels more secure about their job than they did a year ago.
Twenty-one percent of Democrats feel less secure today, versus 17 percent of Republicans and 11 percent of Independents.
Just 12 percent of Americans younger than 30 feel less job security, compared to about 20 percent for those between 30 and 64.
Phil Cioppa

"People are still tottering on the fence and are still a little bit nervous."

The majority of respondents, (more than) 60 percent, feel the way they felt a year ago. I would interpret those numbers to mean that people are still tottering on the fence and are still a little bit nervous. Though most companies have probably slashed as much as they can, if I were working for a major corporation, I would not sit too comfortably because I don't trust where the next wave of problems is going to come from.

- Phil Cioppa, Managing principal and chief investment officer, Arbol Financial Strategies in Norwalk, Conn.


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