Debit Cards

With the ability to quickly and easily make purchases with money drawn from cardholders' bank accounts, debit cards have become the preferred payment method for millions of Americans.

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Young man in front of Walmart store | Getty/Mark Ralston

PIN-less debits fry man's nest egg

Stores allowed 165 transactions that weren't secure, and he lost $50,000. Read more

Debit Card News

Smart Banking: Little-known facts on debit cards

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Checking fees are up. Here's how to get around them. Read more

Do big-bank prepaid cards lead the pack?

Are you pondering a prepaid card from a major bank? Read this primer before trying one. Read more

The dangers of prepaid debit cards

A professor says prepaid debit cards often have high fees and other dangers. Read more

Prepaid debit cards

Pros and cons of prepaid cards tied to savings

Savings accounts attached to prepaid cards offer sweet returns, but beware of these drawbacks. Read more


Claes Bell

Dems plan big changes to banking

Trying to decide whether to vote Democratic this year? Here's what the party has united around when it comes to banking.  ... Read more

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Product Rate Change Last week
Balance Transfer Cards 17.61%  1.27 16.34%
Cash Back Cards 16.74%  0.06 16.68%
Low Interest Cards 12.01%  0.13 11.88%

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