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Transcript: Price Improvement for Home Improvement

Anchor Intro: The housing crisis in America seems to be a losing proposition for everyone from to the biggest bank to the smallest homeowner. But there is a group of people who are benefiting, and it might include you.

Voice-over 1: If you've been shopping for groceries lately, you know that when it comes to staples like milk and bread, prices are through the roof.

Voice-over 2: But when it comes to pricing a roof, the story is entirely different. And much happier for homeowners.

SOT: "If you need a roof it's a good time." "We're basically trying to keep our guys busy right now through the rough time that we're in."

Voice-over 3: The reason for lower labor is no mystery: Fewer houses are being built and fewer homeowners are making improvements. So contractors are having to sharpen the pencil to stay busy.

SOT: "We are making less profit to keep the guys in a paycheck."

Voice-over 4: And profits aren't the only thing shrinking; so is hassle. Depending on where you live, you'll wait less for a permit, and get your project done faster as well.

Voice-over 5: And as for materials? Lumber prices are down, although concrete, steel, asphalt and other petroleum-based materials are up. However, in at least some cases, contractors are eating higher costs to win bids and keep working.

Standup: So if you're thinking of doing a little fixing up, now may be a good time. But remember: Always use a licensed contractor, always get at least three bids...always check references. Only then are you ready to hammer out your best deal. For Bankrate.com, I'm Kristin Arnold.

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-- Posted: April 20, 2008
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