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Exclusive   Gift Card Study 2007
  STATISTIC: Gift cards are more customized than ever before. American  
  Express now offers nine different cards; Best Buy, 15.  
Chart: Plastic gift cards

2007 Gift Card Study comparison chart

Bankrate surveyed the "big four" credit card issuers (American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa), the top retailers nationwide and the largest shopping mall operators about their gift card programs. Click on a tab to see details for each. The Bankrate research was conducted by Heather Kuhn.

To see the details for each gift card, click on the name of the issuer.

2007 Gift Card Study comparison chart
Big Four Retailers Malls
Type Free shipping? Fees? Can expire?
American Express Plastic No Yes Yes
Discover Plastic Yes Yes Yes
MasterCard Plastic No Yes Yes
Visa Plastic No Yes Yes
-- Posted: Nov. 12, 2007
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2007 Gift Card Study
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