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Exclusive   Gift Card Study 2007
  STATISTIC: Gift cards are more customized than ever before. American  
  Express now offers nine different cards; Best Buy, 15.  
Chart: Electronic gift cards

Electronic gift certificates limited

Only 12 of the 31 gift card issuers surveyed offer electronic gift cards. Here is the list with details of each program. The Bankrate research was conducted by Heather Kuhn.

To see the details for each gift card, click on the name of the issuer.

2007 e-gift card study comparison chart
Type Monetary Units Fees? Can expire?
Barnes & Noble Electronic $10-$250 No No
Bloomingdale's Electronic $10-$1,000 No No
Costco Electronic $25-$500 No No
Kohl's Electronic $5-$250 No No
Macy's Electronic $10-$1,000 No No
Neiman Marcus Electronic $50-$1,000 No No
Nordstrom Electronic $25-$1,000 No No
JC Penney Electronic $10-$250 No No
Saks Electronic $25-$500 No No
Target Electronic $5-$5,000 No Yes
Wal-Mart Electronic $10-$200 No No
Simon Malls Electronic $20-$500 Yes Yes
-- Posted: Nov. 12, 2007
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