Founded in 1911 as Greenwood Trust Co. in Greenwood, Del., this bank became a part of Discover Financial Services in 2000 and began offering online banking services to customers throughout the country. With one location still operating in Greenwood, Discover Bank continues to serve its original community while managing more than $25 billion worth of national consumer deposits.

Despite its lack of retail banking offices, Discover Bank offers a variety of services for its members. As part of Discover Financial Services, members have access to more than 150,000 ATMs, and they can also get cash in person from more than 58,000 banks that accept the Discover card.

Personal banking with Discover Bank

  • Online savings accounts.
  • Credit cards.
  • Student loans.
  • Insurance assistance.
  • Retirement (IRA CD accounts).
  • Money market accounts.

High-yield accounts with Discover Bank

Discover offers high-yield money market accounts and IRAs, and the bank received honor among Bankrate’s Top Tier Quarterly Winner for Consistently High Yields in 2009. To see where Discover Bank ranks among Bankrate’s other winners, see the full list here.

To check Discover Bank’s Safe & Sound bank rating, go to

Credit cards and rewards

Members of Discover Bank can apply for a variety of Discover credit cards. Discover prides itself on being America’s No. 1 Cash Rewards Program, which is based on a figure from the TNS 2009 Consumer Card Strategies Research findings. Discover’s Cashback Bonus program rewards members with variable percentages of cash back on a variety of purchases throughout the year.

Online security and information protection

Because the majority of Discover Bank’s customers rely on online banking, it’s no surprise that the bank offers a high level of online security to ensure members their personal information remains confidential and their money stays secure. The bank’s official website depends on SSL technology for information encryption, and the bank watches over consumer accounts for any signs of fraudulent behavior.

Discover Bank’s retail banking location is here:

Discover Bank

502 East Market St.

Greenwood, DE 19950

To open an account or talk to a customer service representative at Discover Bank, the toll-free number is (800)347-7000.

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