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Ask Pat Donovan -- who works in media relations for a research university -- what she would have done differently, and she quips, "I would have married a really rich guy." On a more serious note, she says that with her current retirement assets, "I can never retire at all," despite being near retirement age.

What she would have done differently? "I would have bought fewer lottery tickets and put the money in the bank instead. J. Jill, Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang -- phooey. I would have kept my weight very light and bought cheaper linen tunics and cunning bags. I would have stuffed as much of my own money into an alternative retirement account as was humanly possible."

Failing that, she says, "I would have become a con artist while I still had the looks and lined up a few sugar daddies, who might have taken the edge off. Because, trust me, there is nothing worse than looking down a time tunnel and seeing yourself croaked at your desk in a gray cubicle with Microsoft Outlook running in front of your dead eyes."

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