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Zany ways that agents try to get noticed

That's a rap
That's a rap © Photo courtesy of Rafael Alberto Perez

"What is your American dream; is it silent, does it scream?"

That's a question posed by San Diego real estate agent Rafael Alberto Perez, who wrote and performed his own rap song to drum up business and put a spotlight on the fact that his local market has a lot of demand and relatively little housing supply.

If that sounds a little goofy, you're right. The rap got Perez some attention, but local news sources likened him to Michael Scott, the bumbling, often clueless executive Steve Carell played on the NBC sitcom "The Office."

But it's probably Perez who has had the last laugh. A video of his rap has more than 100,000 views and counting. Hopefully, that's led to more clients because no music label has stepped up to offer Perez a recording contract.


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