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Zany ways that agents try to get noticed

Wear that logo with pride
Wear that logo with pride © Photo courtesy of Rapid Realty NYC

If your real estate agent has a tattoo, chances are you may never know it or see it, unless they work for Rapid Realty in New York. Several dozen agents at that firm all have ink. Company ink, that is. As in, a tattoo of the Rapid Realty logo.

According to company policy, employees who get the company's logo tattooed anywhere on their body can raise their pay by as much as 15 percent. One agent told CBS News that her decision to get her Rapid Realty logo tattoo could net her as much as an additional $40,000 this year. The firm pays for the tattoo, which costs about $300.

But if you think the ink initiative is some harebrained marketing scheme that management cooked up, think again. The idea actually came from one of the employees, who did it for fun. As for the boss, he says he plans to get his tattoo "eventually."


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