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Selling your home in a crowded market

6. Use creativity to boost buyer interest

Houses are staying on the market for longer periods of time, even when the seller is doing everything right, says Duffy. To keep the listing from appearing stale, it's important for sellers to continuously tweak their strategies.

"Rewrite your sales ads every few weeks, and revisit your selling Web site and change the pictures a little," she says. "Take pictures from the right side of the house and post them for a few weeks, then switch them out with pictures taken from the left side or the front of the house."

As buyers surf the listings online, they may stop at your description and give it a new viewing because they hadn't seen that particular picture before.

If people visited your home but didn't make an offer, check to see if they left any feedback. The information they provide could let you know how your home compares to others in the neighborhood, and whether or not you need to make any improvements.

7. If your neighbor sells first, celebrate

It might be disappointing to find out that your neighbor's house has sold while yours is still sitting on the market with no offers.

However, Nourmand suggests looking on the bright side.

"Tell yourself that the competition has removed itself from the market," she says. "You're now that much closer to finding the perfect buyer."

Don't forget, there are different styles of homes within neighborhoods. They have different features, so it makes sense that they will appeal to different buyers, Duffy says.

"Just focus your efforts on what you can control," she says. "Give your house its best presentation on the market, and hopefully you, too, will find the perfect buyer."

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