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Try, try again: 6 tips for relisting a home

Change the marketing
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Marketing is subjective. When you're trying to sell a home a second time, ask if the previous marketing plan's ads and photos drove enough prospective buyers to your property.

"If no one was coming through your door, you should absolutely rethink your plan of attack," says Brad Malow, an agent with Rutenberg Realty in New York City.

A good place to start, says Houston Realtor Sissy Lappin, is with the photos in the old listing.

"Some of the pictures I see on the (multiple listing service) look like a drunk took them with a flip phone," she says, adding that all sellers need quality pictures in their listings.

In addition to more professional photos, Lappin says it's critical that sellers make sure their agent markets the property widely online. That means going beyond just listing the property on the multiple listing service and their website because today's buyers use a range of third-party sites, mobile apps and social media.


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