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Try, try again: 6 tips for relisting a home

Hire the right agent
Hire the right agent © Stephen Coburn/

You don't have to use a new real estate agent for your relisting. But if your home didn't sell, consider hiring someone else to handle the listing. But, says Deb Tomaro, a Re/Max agent in Bloomington, Ind., it's on the seller to do due diligence.

"My experience when sellers come to me needing to relist their home is that 90 percent of the time it is because they did not interview multiple Realtors, ask the pertinent questions, and pick the right one for their needs," Tomaro says.

According to Tomaro, Realtors expect sellers to interview them and look at multiple candidates, especially if it's a relisting situation.

"People tend to pick a Realtor because he's their parent's neighbor, or she's their hair stylist's cousin, and a lot of times, it doesn't end up being a good match," Tomaro says. "What they need to do is ask a lot of questions to make sure the agent is on the same page."

If it's a relisting, Tomaro says those questions should address any of the issues that worked against a sale the first time around.


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