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Multigenerational homes a family solution

Setting up boundaries important
Setting up boundaries important © wavebreakmedia/

Setting up boundaries important

Multigenerational living takes some compromise on all sides. "There are issues of communication," Moser says, "and boundaries and limits that need to be set up.

"Our social calendar is much less filled, and I haven't played golf in ages, but I was more than willing to give that up for what we are doing," says Moser. "I have no regrets. Dad is happy, and we go bowling together, travel to doctor visits together, go to University of Arizona basketball games together."

Moser's family was so pleased with the arrangement that his sister bought the same model next door so her husband's parents could move in. Soon after, Moser's mother-in-law bought a traditional home on the other side.

"It's working out very well," he says. "It's added very much to our lives."


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