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10 homes for sale in the happiest American beach towns

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Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Ocean Springs, Mississippi |

Ocean Springs, Mississippi


This elevated house right on the beach is built for a party.

From the three outdoor gathering spots -- front deck, large screened-in porch overlooking the beach and patio beneath the house (complete with porch swing) -- to the open, nautically inspired living room with walls of sliding glass doors, built-in large-screen TV, brick fireplace and butler's pantry with wet bar.

The roomy kitchen opens to the living area with a granite breakfast bar, says Billie Myrick, a real estate agent with Moran Realty Co. in Ocean Springs.

After the original structure was destroyed by storms in 2005, this house was constructed using the same foundation, new building codes and a higher elevation in 2008, she says.

The 1,560-square-foot home has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a 0.55-acre lot that includes 100 feet of beachfront, Myrick says.

A little about Ocean Springs

Ocean Springs is more than just its beach. With oak trees and shops lining Main Street, "it's a very 'Mayberry R.F.D.' town," she says.

The average home price is $208,352, according to

Along with a lot of bike paths, running paths and parks, it also has a thriving arts community, says Myrick. "It's just a unique place."


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