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Homes for sale in 10 happy seaside towns

Kennebunkport, Maine
Kennebunkport, Maine ©

This seaside town is "a beautiful place to live and work," says Gail Arnold, owner of Kennebunk Beach Realty.

While it has "lovely, old, shingled homes," and "quaint New England coastal charm, it's a sophisticated community," she says. "The new restaurants that have cropped up this year are amazing."

With more than its share of multimillion-dollar homes, Kennebunkport, Maine, is "a mecca for eating and shopping," says Arnold. "And there's a lot to see and do here."

The condo: $392,000

This two-story penthouse condo features an open floor plan with a skylight, recessed lighting, a loft area and a lot of natural light. At 1,823 square feet, it has two bedrooms, two full bathrooms and central air.

Its Victorian building was constructed in the 1890s as a boarding house, but now houses 18 condos, Arnold says. The rooftop deck area has year-round water views.

Listed by: Kennebunk Beach Realty.


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