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Homes for sale in 10 happy seaside towns

Homes for sale in 10 happy seaside towns
Homes for sale in 10 happy seaside towns ©

Money can't buy happiness. But it can buy a home in one of America's happiest beach towns.

In 2013, Coastal Living magazine took its second annual look at the country's "10 happiest seaside towns."

"The beach is everybody's happy place," says Jennifer Slaton, the magazine's executive editor.

Staffers nominated their favorites and winnowed the results to 10 -- then readers ranked the list, she says.

So what makes a place intrinsically "happy"?

A nice stretch of beach. Invigorating salt air. Access to food, sports, shopping. Or all of the above.

Another common trait of many towns that made the list: walkability. In many of these communities, visitors and residents can stroll out and find what they need -- from a cup of coffee to a great meal -- without worrying about cars, traffic or parking spots.

Also a big factor: "how a town makes you feel -- that coastal vibe," Slaton says.

Dream of running away to live on the beach? Here is Coastal Living's 2013 happiest beach towns list, plus a home in each community that's on the market.


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