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Green remodeling fights home-value blues

Go green and save green?
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Like any home improvement project, a green remodeling job will cost you upfront. But besides being eco-friendly, a green makeover can pay you back over the long haul in a couple of ways.

First, a green home saves energy and cuts water consumption, saving you money on your monthly utility bills. Second, in addition to being cheaper to run, green homes offer eco-friendly amenities like superior indoor air quality. Third, green remodeling could give your home equity a boost by making your place more attractive to potential buyers if you put it on the market.

"If you can make your home more affordable to operate over the long term, it will be more desirable when it's time to sell,'' says Kevin Morrow, senior program manager of green building programs at the National Association of Home Builders, or NAHB.

Green remodeling typically deals with energy efficiency, water conservation and indoor air quality. The NAHB has four levels for its National Green Building Standard: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Emerald.




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