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For sale: 5 homes on an acre or more

Ample room to roam
Photos courtesy of Keller Williams Realty

Forget the size of the home: How large is your ideal lot?

For some homebuyers, little or no yard is perfect. Others crave green space.

Whether it's to stake out a vegetable patch, show the kids how to hit a curveball (without worrying about windows), or just stretch out in a hammock, some homebuyers want a house with lots of land around it.

Homes on a few acres sometimes come with additional benefits, too. Zoning for horses. Bungalows or garage apartments for long-term guests. And natural features -- like meadows, thickets or panoramic views -- that you don't always find on a quarter-acre lot.

Looking for a little more elbow room with your next home? Here are five homes for sale in different regions and price ranges -- all on an acre or more.

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