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8 eerie ghost towns

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Born: The 63-acre peninsula on Long Island Sound is connected to the town of Stratford by a narrow stretch of beach and used to be connected to Bridgeport by a wooden bridge. In 1892, an amusement park was built on the peninsula. The amusement park, called Steeplechase Park and then Pleasure Beach Park, was closed in the 1950s. About 45 beach cottages remained.

Died: The wooden bridge from Bridgeport was Pleasure Beach's only access by motor vehicle. The 250-foot-long bridge burned in 1996 and has not been rebuilt. The only other ways to get to Pleasure Beach are by boat and by walking or biking a 2-mile strand of beach. The vacation cottages have been abandoned.

It lives on: Political leaders plan a water taxi service from Bridgeport's East End to Pleasure Beach.




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