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7 negotiating tips for sellers under the gun

Let your house 'sell' itself
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Let your house 'sell' itself

People make the homebuying decision emotionally, then try to rationalize it, Camp says.

What that means to you: You'll never be able to "prove" your home's worth to a potential buyer, he says. So stop trying.

Many people make the mistake of trying to "sell" a house and "prove" the place is worth the asking price. "It comes off as needy," Camp says. Nobody really cares if you have all the receipts detailing every high-dollar element of that $40,000 kitchen remodel, he says.

Instead, let potential buyers discover -- and connect with -- the home's value for themselves.

One strategy: Be elsewhere when potential buyers visit.

"I think the less you're there during showings, the better," Camp says. An additional advantage: they can't read your body language or ask questions you'd rather not answer (like your target moving date, or what your rock-bottom price "really" is).




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