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Historical site vacation
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Where: Little Deadman's Cay, Bahamas.

Cost: $1,975 per week.

Guests: The cost is for two adults, but the home can accommodate up to six.

Size: 9.5 acres.

How to get there: Fly into the Nassau airport, then take a chartered flight to Little Deadman's Cay.

Amenities: Little Deadman's Cay features a private home with three bedrooms and one bathroom. It's fully furnished and features ceiling fans, an additional outdoor shower, kitchen, fireplace, two patios, a gazebo, wooden pier and dock. The island offers plenty of water-loving options, including a beach, a site for snorkeling and two natural channels that create Olympic-sized pools for swimming.

Unique features: This private island is a historical site. The home is built where the original settler -- a sailor who shipwrecked and made his way to the cay -- built his home.




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