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Act like a celeb, rent your own island!

The rustic rental
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Where: Enedrik Island, Marshall Islands, Oceania.

Cost: From $499 per week May to October, $999 November to April.

How to get there: Fly to the Majuro airport, and then take a 75-minute boat ride to the island.

Size: 14 acres.

Guests: The cabin can accommodate up to eight people, and the island can be booked for one group at a time.

Amenities: Rustic, rustic, rustic! There is a cabin for use on the island, water for washing and a conventional flushing toilet -- but otherwise, all supplies must be purchased and brought onto the island. This is truly a return to nature in its purest form. If that excites you, then imagine the peace, tranquility and adventure of being alone on your own island for an entire week. You can even bring your tent if you'd prefer to sleep under the stars.

Unique features offered: Inexpensive and offering complete privacy, Enedrik Island is a real adventure vacation. It includes a private lagoon for snorkeling and views for breathtaking sunsets. It's a perfect fit for the outdoor-loving naturalist.




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