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Balance transfer procedures

If you've decided to transfer credit card balances but don't know how to go about it, print out and save this page to ensure a smooth transition from one credit card to another.

First, gather some information on your old card. Dig out your most recent bill and a copy of the current agreement with the old credit card, plus the agreement with the new card company.

Old card
Account # 
APR  %
Grace period  days
Due date 
New card
Toll-free number for
customer service
Account # 
Introductory APR%
Date intro
rate expires
Fees for
balance transfer
Annual fee$
Grace period  days
Due date 

Now that you have the necessary information, you're ready to make the transfer.
Follow these steps in order, checking them off one at a time.

Credit card account close-out procedure

  • Send minimum payment to old company by due date.
  • Sign up for new card.
  • Complete balance transfer form.
  • While balance is pending, continue to make minimum payments by due date to old card.
  • Receive notice of balance transfer to new company.
  • Call old company to verify balance transfer.
  • Receive billing statement with zero balance from old card company.
  • Close old account by calling or writing the issuer. Ask the issuer to note in any statement to a credit bureau that the account was closed at the customer's request.



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