Top 10 community colleges in the US

4. Flint Hills Technical College

Flint Hills Technical College

Located in east-central Emporia, Kan., Flint Hills Technical College is dedicated to hands-on education and partnering with local businesses. Seventy percent of learning time is spent in labs or in practical training. The Flint Hills construction technologies program, for instance, recently partnered with Kansas State University to build an office and classroom space on Flint Hills' campus.

The building is partially powered by solar and wind power. The construction technology program also worked with Habitat for Humanity last year to build a new house, while Flint Hills' multimedia program partners with local manufacturers to design marketing materials.

"We pride ourselves in every one of our programs to have cutting-edge technology," says Flint Hills President Dean Hollenbeck. "It's a challenge for us to make sure that our students, when they come into any of our programs, that the equipment they're using is exactly the equipment, exactly the software" that they'll be using in the real world, he says.

Nearly all -- 94 percent -- of graduates find work or continue their education after leaving Flint Hills.


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