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Capital Bank in Miami offers Smart Checking, with a below-average annual percentage yield that can be earned only on the first $10,000 of an account holder's balance. Bankrate's 2015 High-Yield Checking Survey breaks down the returns you can get with each account and the hoops you'll have to jump through to get them.

Capital Bank

Location: Miami

Nationally offered?N
APY %0.75
Default APY %0.05
Monthly debit transactions required10
Bill pay or automatic withdrawal required?Y*
Direct deposit required?Y*
E-statements required?Y
Balance cap$10,000
APY % above cap0.2
Smart Checking: Available in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. Must open account in a branch. 1 direct deposit or automatic payment is required per month. Minimum to avoid monthly fee: $1,500. Monthly fee: $12. Balance above $10,000 yields 0.2%, if requirements are met. ATM fee refund: Up to $20 per statement cycle, if requirements are met.

*See notes section for more details. canvassed banks, thrifts and credit unions from March 16 to March 25 and has displayed data on 56 high-yield checking accounts.


Bankrate's 2015 High-Yield Checking Survey You can earn a good return on high-yield checking -- if you can meet the requirements.
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High-yield checking can pay big
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