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Moving is a lot like a trip to the dentist when you consider the unfortunate fact that you're paying for pain. Still, while you can't avoid the payment, you can reduce it as much as possible. And while you're at it, don't forget things like insurance (stuff does get broken or lost, you know) and possible tax breaks (might as well get Uncle Sam to pick up part of the tab). It will leave you that much more to fix up the new place, and make you feel much better.


Do it yourself and save -- Cut your moving costs in half by doing it yourself. If driving a truck bothers you, there are companies that will handle that for you. You'll still save big bucks.

How to save money -- Moving a household is expensive but there are ways to cut costs. We'll show you that doing some of the work yourself and planning ahead can save you money.

Moving target: best mover, lowest price -- Steer clear of low-ball estimates with this plan to get the best mover at the best price.

Sample moving estimate -- See how much money can be saved by doing some of the packing yourself.

Insuring your move: Most go for broke -- First, forget your homeowners insurance. Now, review your options for insuring your stuff on moving day.

Uncle Sam can help pay many moving expenses -- If you moved in connection with a job, then many of your transfer expenses may be deductible.

Calculator: Compare the cost of living -- Compare the cost of living between cities or you could wind up living in a place that doesn't suit your lifestyle or, worse, is too pricey for your budget!

Close your checking account without destroying your finances -- Before closing that checking account, take these steps so you don't bounce any checks and cause yourself some major problems.
Plus: Checklist for closing your checking account








Guide to Moving
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