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Tax Talk
Plane, train or auto: No deduction for commuting
Tax Talk

Transportation tax deductions

Dear Tax Talk,
About tax deductions: I have been hearing conflicting stories about tax deductions on gas and travel. My situation is that I live 110 miles from work. Is the amount of gas or the mileage on my car that I use to get back and forth to work something that I can use as a tax deduction? If so, how do I record this information?
-- George

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Dear George,
There should be no conflicts in this area, because it is pretty much black and white. Commuting mileage is never deductible by an employee. You cannot deduct the costs of taking a bus, trolley, subway or taxi, or the cost of driving a car between your home and your main or regular place of work.

These costs are personal commuting expenses. You cannot deduct commuting expenses no matter how far your home is from your regular place of work. You cannot deduct commuting expenses even if you work during the commuting trip. For example, if you take a train to work in lieu of driving so that you can get work done on the train, the cost of the train transportation is still considered a personal commuting expense.

Deductible transportation expenses include the ordinary and necessary costs of all of the following.

Transportation costs you can deduct

You an also deduct the mileage for travel between two jobs in the same day. Employees use Form 2106 to claim deductible mileage expenses for work-related transportation.

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