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Do you regret your student loan debt?


Personal finance experts universally agree that earning a degree, no matter which college it's from or what field of study, is better than going without. But if you don't carefully plan how to fund your college education, you could be left with a lot of regrets and a pile of debt.

"I do regret beginning to pay off my college loan right away. Because I wasn't making enough money right out of college to be making those payments and to eat at the same time."

"I hate the fact that I got a student loan. And in fact, I feel like I might have been the victim of a ploy that a lot of schools use. I got grants my first year, which required me to take very little in terms of student loans and all the grants went away my sophomore year. And I started bulking up on loans from that point forth."

"I wouldn't do it again. For me I realized that I wanted to do something else with my life."

"It's horrible what they put us through. I'm going to be paying this off for years."

To avoid buyer's remorse when it comes to your education, calibrate the amount you're borrowing to realistic expected earnings in your career field.

If you're curious about how your degree stacks up to other popular jobs, has a table that shows how 20 different careers stack up. Wondering if the grass is greener as a microbiologist, for example? You can see the years of school it takes to earn that degree, the cost of education, the median pay and how many years you can expect to be paying off you student loans. And for more on careers or college financing, check out the College Finance tab at I'm Lucas Wysocki.


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