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From baseball to barbecues, we look at how the cost of summer has changed.
What's America's favorite SUV? The answer to this question may surprise you.
Ask yourself the questions in this infographic, and you can save money on your auto insurance.
Don't be a victim of identity theft. Know what to look for.
Do you need life insurance? Term or whole life? We answer these questions and more.
Calculate your mortgage payment with just three pieces of information.
Don't let the mortgage company push you around. Here's what it can and can't do.
Get your calculator and follow these steps to see how much college debt is too much.
Puzzled by the card for your health plan? We decipher all the numbers and codes.
See the key figures that add up to the current state of health insurance in America.
Do the rich really have a different mindset? We asked financial planners for their insights.
Rich taxpayers have more tax worries than the rest of us. Here's a breakdown of the new taxes.
Children offer parents numerous tax advantages from birth through the college years.
There's a wide divide in Americans' retirement lifestyles. Find out why.
Successful investing includes an asset-allocation plan, diversified investments and rebalancing.
Miss the enrollment deadline? See if you'll face the new cost of going uninsured.
Is your wallet the most valuable item on you? Think again. All that tech you carry adds up.
Sugar comes in many forms. We compare cane juice, brown rice syrup and barley malt.
State health exchanges will offer bronze-to-platinum plans. What do the metals mean?
Get answers to the who, what, where, when, why and how of the health care exchanges.
What's that hologram on your card? And why all the numbers? Here's what makes a credit card.
Should you contact a student loan ombudsman? This flow chart shows if you've followed all the steps.
Money can get complicated for same-sex couples without a federally sanctioned marriage.
Sure, college is expensive, but that degree will help you financially in the long run.
Using a credit card overseas likely means a foreign transaction fee. What does yours charge?
Bankrate's 2013 Credit Union Checking Survey lays out fees at the top credit unions.
See whether you'll qualify for the more generous Home Affordable Refinance Program.
Perplexed about common phrases found in real estate descriptions? Use this translation guide.
A scholar's data-based research demonstrates the ranking of U.S. presidents.
Expiring tax breaks and spending cuts may create an avalanche of revenue, but look out!
On the edge of the "fiscal cliff," these expiring tax measures could hit many Americans.
A survey of people who've changed car insurers suggests that you might jump to a better deal.
After you swipe, your credit card information spreads quickly. Where does it go?
Dozens of fees and confusing terms are buried in long and complicated bank disclosures.
The Pew Center provides an easy-to-read disclosure box for checking accounts.
Bank fees on checking accounts can vary by state. Pew studied data from the 12 largest banks.
Most European countries still have decent credit ratings, but many have slipped recently.
America uncovered! A poll finds lots of people don't have life insurance or don't have enough.
You may have driven past one and wondered what it was. This tutorial will give you the basics.
Yes, those thousands of dollars spent on tuition seem absurd, but here's where it all goes.
Are you worth your salt in etymology? This infographic breaks down the word "salary."
Think inflation stinks? It's not a coincidence. Find out why in this infographic.
Clothing shares a common thread with the word "investment." This infographic explains how.
How do you feel about the word "refinance"? According to this infographic, it depends.
Saving early is saving smart. Compound interest can help you build a retirement nest egg.
The word "dollar" comes from a town in what is currently the Czech Republic. Bankrate explains.
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