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Finding a trusted financial adviser can be well worth the fees in the long run.
Food shortages globally make farming a good investment play. Here's how to plow into it.
Play defense when making sports-related investments; they may not parlay into big wins.
Investing in recent years has been tricky as investors try to navigate unusual circumstances.
Unsure about how to invest your money? Explore these (mostly) cheap ways to get help.
Rather than follow the crowd into an abyss, consider these savvy strategies for picking funds.
Muni bonds are mostly safe, but there are risks. Steer clear of these when investing your money.
In weighing a pile of investment possibilities, FDIC protection should be a key factor.
The I bond's fixed rate is stuck at zero percent. Find out why people still buy these bonds.
Corporations and the government borrow money from investors by selling them bonds.
Speculative investments allow investors to avoid some uncertainty by locking in prices.
One of the perks of stock ownership is when the company pays out a portion of its profits.
While some investments are mostly concepts, commodities are something you can touch and feel.
It doesn't pay to be a xenophobe. Consider foreign stocks and funds for your portfolio.
The incidence of fraud targeting boomers and seniors is surging and not expected to abate.
The word "investment" really does apply to the fabulous designer outfit your friend bought.
Learn whether to focus your retirement savings into funds that count down your working years.
During the lost decade, an equal weighted asset allocation proved to be a superior strategy.
Can you profit from being a do-gooder? Learn why more top-notch investors think so.
A sum of money? Torture devices? Learn the theories behind the first stock market.
Facebook's IPO may raise $16 billion, but there are others in American history that beat it.
Dream of getting in on the ground floor? Here's why you can't buy in on the next hot IPO.
A conservative investor has options besides insured deposits if rising prices are a concern.
Why would an investor buy a negative-yielding bond? Here's why Treasury is mulling their sale.
Americans shun the potential for higher returns from stocks, according to Bankrate's survey.
If you want to get into day trading, here's a glossary of terms you'll need to understand.
Experts say money market funds are solid. But there are some new wrinkles and regulations.
Savings bonds are now bought and redeemed mainly online. Find out how it's done.
Europe still offers good places to put your money, despite some countries' messy finances.
Risk is necessary to grow retirement savings. So is starting young and diversifying.
It's never too early to invest wisely and put away plenty for your future. Here's where to start.
Barry Fey, concert promoter of rock legends, shares investment stories and advice.
Graduates and their grandmas should invest internationally to build worldly wealth.
It's difficult to tell when you're caught in a classic bubble. These five signs can help.
Building a portfolio is a balancing act that requires diversification across countries.
Don't fear the international investment reaper. There's still money to be made in Europe.
International stocks are for all investors, from college graduates to grandmothers.
International stocks may be the most fruitful investments in the global marketplace.
Unless you can predict the future, you should invest in European securities.
What are the pros and cons of alternative investments?
Play the market without solving equations. Channel your right brain for sage investing.
You might call it "speculating" in penny stocks. Check this list of downsides before buying.
Don't let investing fees soak up your gains. Scope out these costs that can shrink your return.
An investment boo-boo can't just be kissed and made better.
Buying the right stock means knowing what to avoid. Here are several sectors to skip and why.
A dividend reinvestment plan, or DRIP, is a way to buy a company's stock. Is it right for you?
Is your money safe?
or ? See your bank, thrift or credit union's star rating. Find one that's safe enough for you.
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