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Clay Walker
Country star lives his song, "Money Ain't Everything"
Celebrity interview

Fame & Fortune: Clay Walker

Bankrate: But isn't shopping organically more expensive? I know it probably doesn't effect you so much, but others suffering with MS might not be able to afford these foods.

Clay Walker: For example, organic spinach is very healthy and doesn't cost that much, plus it can be used in so many ways -- in a salad, sautéed in a pan. Put a little garlic in a pan, add your cleaned, fresh spinach and there you go. It costs the same amount of money to eat well as it does to eat poorly. If you're spending $5 at McDonalds, you can make a great meal for $5. It just takes the effort.

Bankrate: So what would you make for $5 besides sautéed spinach?

Clay Walker: Maybe fish like cod or halibut that I cook in the microwave covered for about 7 minutes on high heat with lemon pepper seasoning, a pinch of red pepper and garlic powder. Red pepper speeds up your metabolism and with the fish you're getting the omega-3 oils. There are meals that can be made inexpensively and are good, too.

Bankrate: It sounds like you watch the Food Network.

Clay Walker: No, but I'm a big fan of HGTV. I love watching "This Old House" or shows like that. I love the decorating ideas. We live in our little cubes and the term "thinking outside the box" has become so cliche. I like to be hands-on in my projects. Sure, I hire various people to help, but I love giving my ideas into projects. Life is about absorbing other things you can incorporate into your own life and make it your own idea.

Bankrate: Sounds like with all your success and money, that you live a rather simple life.

Clay Walker: Absolutely. I like spending time with my kids, kissing and hugging them. I like to go fishing, too. If I catch something, we might have it for dinner. I like riding my horses. And I love spending time in the studio writing and recording great lyrics. It all sounds simple but it goes deep.

Bankrate: Do your lyrics for "Money Ain't Everything" represent a longing for a more simple life?

Clay Walker: Well, I feel blessed everyday for what God has given me. I think I appreciate every show more than I used to because I know it could be taken from me. But part of the song -- "What good is first place when you're in a rat race ... money ain't everything," means I have tried to remain true to myself and be completely honest as a recording artist and a man. Everything that has happened to me over the last several years gave me a newfound courage.

Bankrate: Sounds like you're answered your own thoughts on your 1994 song: "If I Could Make a Living."

Clay Walker: (laughs) Well, I guess I proved to myself that I can.

Bankrate.com's corrections policy -- Posted: Aug. 28, 2007
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