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X marks the past for Traci Lords -- Page 2

Traci LordsBankrate: Your book is dedicated to "the children of the night." You're actively involved with a nonprofit organization called Children of the Night that helps young girls who have been victimized by the sex industry.

Traci Lords: They do wonderful work. When I was writing this book, I had an opportunity to examine this blueprint of where I came from. Looking back, I realize this could have happened to any girl. There are so many Traci Lords out there. I came from a background of sexual abuse. And acting out sexually is common. I think what was shocking about me in particular was that I became such a phenomenon in the porn world. That was an accident. I never tried to become a porn star. It was just me trying to vent all of this stuff in some sort of insane power trip.

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Bankrate: People who worked with you back then did say you exuded sexiness at a very young age.

Traci Lords: I don't take anything those people say seriously. They clearly have an agenda, whether it's to get their five minutes of fame or to use a child to hang the blame on.

Bankrate: Do you think the porn industry has cleaned itself up at all, as a result of you being caught?

Traci Lords: I believe the attention the "Traci Lords scandal" brought to the porn world has forced those people to take age seriously.

Bankrate: You've done quite a few mainstream projects. How did you break into programs such as "Married with Children" and "Melrose Place"?

Traci Lords: Worked my tail off. Auditioned like everyone else and eventually won roles.

Bankrate: Was it hard getting people to take you seriously?

Traci Lords: It's hard to break into Hollywood, period. And for a woman with a past you can multiply that tenfold.

Bankrate: Did you have much to show financially from those days in porn?

Traci Lords: No, nothing. I made very little money. I used to say I had all these real estate deals, but in reality, I was a little girl playing grown-up. I had no money, real estate or otherwise. I said what I thought would impress people. But it was no more real than a fake ID.

Bankrate: Do you have some type of money management or investment style today?

Traci Lords: I bury it all in my backyard. Or, I should say, I do own real estate now.

Bankrate: Are you a wealthy woman?

Traci Lords: In many ways. I have a wonderful life. I'm happily married.

Bankrate: Was it difficult finding someone who would accept your past?

Traci Lords: My husband is an exceptional human being. He is my treasure. We've been married for over a year, but I've known him for seven. We don't have any secrets from one another, so there's no judgment in that way in our marriage. He's the first man in my life that isn't threatened by my past and who I am.

Bankrate: What's next for Traci Lords?

Traci Lords: Family, gardening, fine wine, writing, directing, acting ... living out loud.

-- Posted: April 15, 2004




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