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Angie Everhart takes control of her financial fate

With a career that began at 16, Angie Everhart rocketed from being her high school mascot to stunning supermodel overnight. Angie graced the covers of Elle and Glamour by the time she was 18. Her first major advertising campaign was for Levi's. Angie made the successful transition from the runway to the big screen in 1993, when she co-starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Last Action Hero." Everhart continued her acting career in films such as "Bordello of Blood" and "Another 9½ Weeks." Everhart has appeared in more than 25 Hollywood and TV movies, and has made numerous TV guest appearances.

Angie is almost as famous for her romantic partners as her career. She was married to actor George Hamilton's son Ashley, was engaged to Sylvester Stallone, dated Kevin Costner, Jack Nicholson and Prince Albert of Monaco and is the object of radio shock jock Howard Stern's torrid crush. A native of Akron, Ohio, Angie enjoys horseback riding and extreme sports. She is also involved in children's charities and environmental causes. Angie lives in Los Angeles with her sister, four dogs and one cat.

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Bankrate: What are your latest projects?

Angie Everhart: I just did a Hallmark movie, "Dead Hollywood Moms Society." It was with George Hamilton.

Bankrate: How did that go, considering you were married to his son?

Everhart: We get along fine, we're friends. But it was kind of weird. It got even weirder; I had to play his wife! I said to him, "This is weird." I also did "Celebrity Mole," which has to be on this fall.

Bankrate: You have made the successful transition from print to film. Did you have to prepare in any way?

Everhart: Yes, I took classes. I studied at William Esper Studio in New York. I was traveling a lot, so I left that and have a coach, Arthur Mendoza. I also took singing lessons. I never had to take dancing lessons. I'm lucky, I dance well.

Bankrate: You have been linked in the past with Howard Stern, and he mentions you all the time on his show. How has that changed the course of your career? Has it helped or has a client or potential client ever objected?

Everhart: I haven't gotten any feedback. Howard is a friend to me and he's been good to me. I'm sure he believes he's helping. I just haven't heard anything either way.

Bankrate: You are in a business where you are the product. What special foods and/or beauty products do you use when you need to look your best?

Everhart: Most importantly, I try to get lots of rest. I also drink lots of water. I have two trainers. I have a trainer at the gym for spinning. I also have a private trainer -- I go to his home -- for weights.

Bankrate: You were a child prodigy in your field. What did working as a child teach you?

Everhart: It helped me to grow, to be more mature. I stayed in Chicago by myself as a teenager. I went to Paris by myself. I learned French and to be more worldly. I did have an agent who watched over me. I traveled all over the world.

Bankrate: Were your legs really insured for $1 million?

Everhart: Yes, for the Schick commercial. They said that my legs were insured for $1 million; then they really had to go out and get insurance! You know, the truth-in-advertising laws. They went to Lloyd's.

Bankrate: Do you get free samples when you do advertisements for a company?

Everhart: Sometimes. When I did the Levi's ad, they just gave me the pair I wore in the ad. I got samples when I did the Pantene and Finesse ads, and I love both. When I did the Xenedrine ads in Europe, they loaded me up! I had to use it -- truth in advertising. When you do an ad, you have to use the product.

Bankrate: You used Xenedrine?

Everhart: Yes, for the ads. I used it to get in shape, but I don't use it now.

Bankrate: Do you manage your own money?

Everhart: I just took over the management of my money. I figured, I'm a woman in my 30s, I should be able to manage my money. You have to take things in your own hands. I would just make a suggestion that people watch over their own money, not leave it to a business manager, I'll just say that. I ask a lot of people for advice. It's a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Bankrate: Do you have investments?

Everhart: I have CDs, money market accounts. I don't have anything in the stock market. I love antiques; I have wonderful, wonderful pieces. I like a variety of periods. I buy furniture and I have beautiful antique chandeliers. I have a four-poster bed that's antique. I get antiques while I'm traveling and from the places where I've lived.

Tamar Alexia Fleishman is a lawyer and writer based in Baltimore.

-- Posted: Nov. 26, 2003
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