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Debt-tackling tool kit
Use these work sheets, calculators and resources to get out of the red.
Out of the red and into the black
Saving for a goal calculator

This calculator will compute how much you have to save to reach your goal and create an individualized chart showing how much you need to save every month. We've also attached a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet so you can keep track of your progress.

  Savings calculator
How much do you want to save? $
How many years do you have in which to save it?  
What interest rate do you expect to earn on your savings?
with daily or monthly compounding.
* To earn the most money, compare interest rates locally and nationally.
How much money can you spare for your first deposit or investment? $
Do you wish to skip savings two weeks each year?    Yes   No 
When do you wish to make your first deposit?  
Monthly deposit required $
To make that monthly deposit, you should be setting aside: $  daily or
$  weekly.


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