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Choosing a caregiver or assisted living community can seem daunting, but we're here to help. From tips for caregivers and the latest in retirement communities, to trends in reverse mortgages and new technology for seniors, we offer news and advice to help you in any step of the journey. Let Bankrate be your guide to all things senior living.


Assisted Living

Trends in senior living options

Hospital curtains and cafeteria food? No way. This is how today's seniors rock assisted living. 


In-Home Care

Home sharing: A senior solution

Renters pitch in with housekeeping chores to help seniors stay in their homes longer.


Independent Living

Upscale senior living complexes

Fine dining, spa services and plush decor distinguish these senior living centers.



How to hire a caregiver

When you simply can't do everything for your loved one, here's how to find help.


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Pay Mom's nursing home bill?

If a nursing home doesn't get paid by your parent, it could come after you for the money. Read more


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Trash or treasure? Appraise it

Before you dump Grandma's old desk in a garage sale, find out what it's worth. Read more


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Must-haves for senior phones

Cellphones are becoming ubiquitous among seniors. Here's what to look for. Read more


States with parental support laws

Parental, or filial, support laws can leave adult children responsible for their parents' unpaid long-term care bills. Twenty-nine states and Puerto Rico have these laws in place. Is your state among them?

Parental support laws in the US

Paying Mom and Dad's nursing bills: What to know about parental support laws.

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Costs are a mouthful for ‘sandwich’ gen

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Senior Living Adviser

How do I earn money fast, easy?

Dear Senior Living Adviser, I'm a 63-year-old single woman who lost everything in the housing bust. I went bankrupt about 2 1/2 years ago and had to file early for Social Security benefits. I make $800 a month and I live...

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