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Choosing a caregiver or assisted living community can seem daunting, but we're here to help. From tips for caregivers and the latest in retirement communities, to trends in reverse mortgages and new technology for seniors, we offer news and advice to help you in any step of the journey. Let Bankrate be your guide to all things senior living.


Assisted Living

6 tipoffs to bad senior housing

Keep your eyes and nose alert for these signs of troubled communities or facilities.


In-Home Care

Pay for Mom's care after a fall?

There's more than one way to cover your mother's home care. Learn how.


Independent Living

3 ways technology helps elder care

Detecting health problems early is vital to senior care. Here's how technology will help.



How to choose a geriatric care manager

When it's a loved one's time of need, follow these guidelines to bring in the right caregiver.


Don Taylor

Pay for Mom's care after a fall?

There's more than one way to cover your mother's home care. Learn how. Read more


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5 factors in leaving money to heirs

You don't want your family to fight over your money. How much do you leave and to whom? Read more


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Home upgrades for safe senior living

Aging can bring big changes to daily life. Make your loved one's home safe in the transition. Read more


States with parental support laws

Parental, or filial, support laws can leave adult children responsible for their parents' unpaid long-term care bills. Twenty-nine states and Puerto Rico have these laws in place. Is your state among them?

Parental support laws in the US

Paying Mom and Dad's nursing bills: What to know about parental support laws.

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Dr Don Taylor

2 plans to halt elder financial abuse

NASAA is proposing model legislation to protect vulnerable adults from financial exploitation.  ... Read more


Senior Living Adviser

Raid IRA to get into senior housing?

Dear Senior Living Adviser, I am considering moving into a Continuing Care Retirement Community, or CCRC. I am 72 and retired (except for a couple days a week as an adjunct instructor at a local college, which will end...

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