Trump and your money

6 ways Trump may affect your money

The new president could change parts of your financial life, including your taxes. Read more

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Why we created the Bankrate Trump Index

Trump's actions and tweets infuse volatility into the marketplace, experts say. Like it or not, when Trump tweets, the market reacts.Read more

7 tax law changes under Trump

Most taxpayers would enjoy lower tax rates under Trump. Here's how it could work.Read more

How Trump tariffs could cost you

The new president is proposing taxes on trade that could have upsides and downsides.Read more

How Trump's Cabinet affects you

Trump has selected most of his Cabinet members. How will they influence your life?Read more

Housing winners and losers under Trump

See who may benefit under the new administration, and who should be concerned.Read more

How will fair housing fare under Trump?

Ben Carson, nominated by Donald Trump for secretary of Housing and Urban Development, will be in charge of shaping housing policy.Read more

Labor's future under Trump

Will Trump and the GOP be friends or foes of labor? Find out what the movement faces.Read more

Why the fuss over trade deals?

If Trump sticks to his campaign pledge, U.S. trade agreements may be dumped or redone.Read more

Bulls, bears and the presidents

See how stocks performed under presidents since 1900. Who led during the best years?Read more

Net worth of SNL's presidential impersonators

They've been weekend laughter leaders of the free world. See what they're worth.Read more

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